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Events at home are a special case, as homes are our personal space, where we spend most of the day and create the best memories of our lives.

There we celebrate name days, birthdays, have parties for young and old, get together with friends for a dinner, a Sunday barbecue or simply for a night of beer.

All of the above, although taking part in the same space, have different requirements.

Our experienced staff has the ability to manage all the possible peculiarities of an event at home, showing the utmost professionalism and respect for your needs. After all, we know that as a host you want all your guests to have a great time, without missing anything.

Don’t spoil your mood by worrying about any shortcomings you may have. You just contact us and leave everything to us.

From glasses and cutlery, to chairs and tables for indoor or outdoor spaces, at XKrental you will find a huge range of event equipment for rental.

We will be happy to help you meet the needs of each event, offering you solutions that match the style of your venue, so that you and your guests have a great time.

Tell us what you need!

Popular Products

Ξύλινο έπιπλο μπαρ

Ποτήρια σειρά Elegance – Λευκού κρασιού 23 cl

Ποτήρια σειρά Elegance – Κόκκινου κρασιού 42 cl

Ποτήρια σειρά Elegance – Νερού 31 cl

Ποτήρια σειρά Elegance – Σαμπάνιας 17 cl

Ποτήρια σειρά Misquet – Κρασιού 21 cl

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