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For all businesses/organizations, regardless of size and industry, the need to organize corporate events-conferences with the purpose of presenting new products, informing customers, but also training their staff, is continuous and necessary.

In order to achieve the above, it is necessary to organize presentations, events and workshops in a quality manner, taking into account the different style of each space and adapting the services according to the needs of each occasion.

Do not forget that these events are very important for the image of your business, therefore, it is extremely important that everything goes as it should, even the smallest detail.

At XKrental, having vast experience in corporate events and conferences, we can help you organize small or large events that will help you achieve your goals.

Whether you are planning to organize a small conference and need a few conference tables for the participants, or you are planning a large corporate event that requires various types of utensils and machines for coffee breaks/cocktails, our services will help you.

It is no coincidence that some of the biggest companies/organizations in Greece have trusted us and continue to trust us for event equipment rental.

We are committed to our immediate response to your every need!

Popular Products

Ξύλινο έπιπλο μπαρ

Ποτήρια σειρά Elegance – Λευκού κρασιού 23 cl

Ποτήρια σειρά Elegance – Κόκκινου κρασιού 42 cl

Ποτήρια σειρά Elegance – Νερού 31 cl

Ποτήρια σειρά Elegance – Σαμπάνιας 17 cl

Ποτήρια σειρά Misquet – Κρασιού 21 cl

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